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Eccleston Fishing Pool

This is a delightful two acre pool that has four small islands.

The pool is set in a beautifully natural surroundings on the edge of woodland, each swim has its own unique features. The pool is relatively shallow, between 3-6 feet deep. There is no need to cast far out as the fish are often found in the margins.

The pool is ideal for the beginner or the intermediate angler.

Eccleston pool contains Carp of all varieties as well, Tench, Bream, Roach, Rudd, Chub, Crucian carp, Perch & Golden Orfe.

There are a number of fishing platforms for the less-abled angler or those that just want a dry platform to fish from.

The fishery is self populating, which means that there are lots of smaller silver fish present. If you wish to avoid these smaller fish then use larger hooks and bait. Whilst managing the fishery keep the smaller fish numbers down by netting the pool however, we need to keep our Perch fat and happy and so a reasonable head of smaller fish is necessary.

Please note that to ensure that our fish remain in pristine condition we do not allow keep nets, landing nets are mandatory as are unhooking mats.

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