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Blurton Fishing Pool

Blurton pool is also two acres in size and has two islands. Blurton Pool is in a tranquil setting at the edge of woodland.

This is a challenging carp pool for the dedicated carp angler. This water requires the angler to have at least moderate fishing skill, as it is not a runs water.

This pool not for general coarse anglers, this means no pole fishing or light feeder fishing.

This pool holds larger carp than Eccleston Pool, there are also a handful of specimen Perch to nearly 5lb.

A minimum of 15lb line is required.

When fishing this pool you must have a large unhooking mat and suitable sized landing net (minimum net size 36 inches).

Spring Heath Fishing Rules: please read and understand these rules as they are in place to protect our fish. If you cannot adhere to these simple rules, do not be surprised if you are asked to leave the fishery.

Under no circumstances are you to leave your rods unattended, this includes excuses such as you need to go grab a beer, use the toilet or I have a REMOTE SOUNDER BOX. If you leave your lines unattended then you will be asked to reel in and leave the fishery immediately.

Unfortunately we do not allow anglers under the age of 16 to fish this pool.

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